Thursday, February 18, 2010

as of now.

my life never seizes to surprise me at the randomest times. whether it be pleasant or unpleasant it's still a surprise, and needless to say it keeps my life interesting and worth living. as the saying goes " you learn something new everyday" i think i learn something new about myself everyday and oh my! the secrets i've come to learn about myself. it's almost as if i'm this perplexity of personalities that gives birth to me as a whole but i'm slowly learning the times these other said "mando's" like to show themselves, rarely are they all together at one given time. except for maybe in my dreams and that would explain why there so vivid and hard to comprehend or disinguish a meaning in them, at least from the portions of the ones i can remember. i'm sort of rambling on i'll just say i'm getting more in touch with myself, which i think will let me get more in touch with everyone else and sort of open up more personally.

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